Victim of Fire-Become ash

Victim of Fire is one of those bands who are so fucking good and when you start listening them you stop when the last song ends, thats happened to me. Hailing from Denver Colorado, they started as studio project of Austin M who plays all instruments and sings in some songs while two other guys sing in the rest tracks, so this could be considered as one man band. Music wise they might fool you because of the cover artwork but their noise has nothing to do with Oi!, US hardcore or any other shit: They deliver powerful D-beat crust having its roots in the legacy of early Disfear, and a lees melodic version of Wolfbrigade, Tragedy and such bands: Become Ash consists of ten songs of fast paced D-beat crust with shouted roygh vocals in the genre's tradition, the three vocalists make the whole thing more interesting, some melodic lines pop up here and there but are rough enough so the result doesn't sound cheesy and is far to call it metallic crust or neo-crust or whatever, this is pure crust with scandi hardcore influences.All and all this is very good cosnidering the fact that there is one man behind all instruments, Austin also tracked, mixed, mastered the songs. This is currently available in bandcamp, there's also a youtube vid.


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Unknown said...

and a lil bit of beatdown moments but maybe im crazy or deaf.
c h e e r s!