Bömbärdeo/Total Silence-War is a black hole to mankind split cd

War is a black hole to mankind is a split cd with two bands well known to the frequenters of this blog since works of both bands are posted here. Bömbärdeo from Chile and Total Silence from Brazil team up and bring six songs (three tracks for each band) of pure D-beat. Bömbärdeo contribute two own songs and one Disclose cover and once again they deliver the goods: Their old school D-beat is just fine, noisy and full of anger and wrath, this is simillar to their recording for the split with D.H.K. the cover of Smell of rotten corpse is excellent and stands equal to the original. Total Silence and Guile bring the D-beat he developed in War Graves and so good in Mass Death And Sorrow, great effort and simillar to Besthöven's noize. Guile's tour in Chile with the addition of two members on bass and drums (as we know Total Silence is one man band) was the reason for this split cd, these songs are going to appear in a split 7" with Brafcharge from South Africa. All and all this is a honest and nice effort from some guys who love D-beat, there is a download link provided by the bands (thanx Asti!), check also the bandcamp pages, the cd was released by Eskaramuza distro, No War Rec, Backpack Recs and Spiral DIYscos

bandcamp Bömbärdeo
bandcamp Total Silence
War is a black hole to mankind

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