No Sanctuary-Demo 2016

"We're No Sanctuary and we formed in 2014 with the idea of playing some blend between Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost and Amebix (hence our name) adding in the way some vibes from Rudimentary Peni and Killing Joke. The result is some kind of weird crust or something like that, one we're trying to improve with our new songs.Some months ago we self-released our first record where it can be seen to some extent this blend I'm talking about and which includes 7 songs: four fast songs, two slower (one of them is our particular homage to Nick Blinko) and a Killing Joke's Wardance cover."
These guys come from Pablona, Spain. The demo delivers nearly 24 minutes of metallic crust blending Amebix with the other afforementioned bands (Rudimentary Peni and Killing Joke) and with a sick feeling coming from the metal territory, a Celtic Frost-ian flavor painting the crust metal and adding a sinister feeling (check Outside the Circle). This is dark and gloomy, evil and psychotic especially in tracks such as Wytchtanyc Hellbykers and Marcha fĂșnebre para Nick Blinko/RĂ©quiem oriental/Falo rudimentario but despite the metal elements the band stays in crust pathways and territories. This is available in bandcamp


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really badass.