Braincell-Mindlock tape

Braincell hail from Malaysia, they are a new band, Mindlock is their first release but members carry a a history since they are related with bands such as Apparatus, Atomicdeath, Melarat, Antiprotokol and Ferocious Inferno. When i first met these guys in bandcamp and apart from the great cover, i had no any doubt about them when i saw the bands  they list as their inspiration: Discharge, Disaster, Doom, Axegrinder, Antisect, Amebix, Hellkrusher, Hiatus, 3 Way Cum, Discard, Disfear (old), Disgust, E.N.T., Bastard (Japan), Anti-Cimex, Shitlickers, Warcollapse, State Of Fear, and mighty MOTÖRHEAD! Mindlock was self-released and came out in pro 200 copies with great artwork. Band members seem to adore Doom and they don't feel ashamed to let this love appear in their music: This is a pure Doom worship, a page taken from Doom's book, the six tracks of cassette sound like a Doom recording and deliver the goods, Everything is perfect here, the sound quality is decent and the band delivers a bass heavy sound,some Antisect and Hellkrusher elements pop up here  and there but Doom is always the main inspiration. The singer shouts in English and the cassette lasts for nearly eleven minutes, All and all this is a great piece of D-beat and along with Lifelock and Krigssystemet they stand among the best bands i discovered recently and they come from South East Asia. The cassette is still available and also in bandcamp and youtube,


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Unknown said...

kinda noisy, really good & awesome artwork.