Leash-demo 2015

Leash hail from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States and this is their first demo, the band was formed in August/September 2015 and includes people who are/were involved in bands such as Backstabbers Incorporated, Ramlord, Ultra//Negative, Vaast, Erotic City Blues Band and Leather Chalice, knowing these bands makes you undertand what to expect here: Outspoken advocates for the eradication of the human race in defense of the earth. The demo was recorded in Octomber 2015 and consists of six tracks and delivers D-beat crust punk, straight into your face, simple and minimalistic focusing on the basics and without any intros, acoustic parts or melodic overtures, the sound quality is excellent and the guitar duet has this thick, solid and metal edged sound accompinied by the distorted bass. All and all these fifteen minutes of noise are a nice piece of D-beat crust. I didn't see any physical release, tape, cd or whatever, this is currently available in bandcamp


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