Kusenpolttamaruumis hail from Hell-sinki, Finland and its a duet formed by a guy who has/had a numerous projects. The st tape we got here is the first recording of this project, it was recording in summer '15 and released as cassette, it consists of eight tracks or primitive blending of black metal and crust punk. I don't know what the name of band means, the song titles are in Suomi, this piece of shit has its roots in the first days of black metal and has a punkish flavor, the vocals are sinister and the whole shit brings memories of early Bathory and Venom, played in a tube and close to GuterSkull, a one man project that i posted recently with similarities in the whole idea and feeling. The sound quality is just ok for this short of music. The tape is available in bandcamp and there are two version of physical release: the DIY one on Vinland Wolf Warfield with xeroxed cover and a pro-tape with different cover and is available by Odmetnik, Anyway, if you are into black metal orientated crust or punk with black metal influences this is for you



M. said...

Name means something as "pissburnedcorpse".

There are two versions of the tape, the one you mentioned is DIY tape with xeroxed cover.

Pro-tape with pro-cover was released by ODMETNIK: www.odmetnik.com

7inchcrust said...

thanx! i edited the post!