CVLT Top six D-beat releases of 2015

This is an article from the mightly KvultNation about the top D-beat releases for this year, I don't know if you all aggree with that list, there are numerous D-beat bands releasing their noise, anyway the bands included here are Torso from Oakland and their Sono Pronta a Morire (Sorry State and Agipunk), Narcoleptics from Brooklyn and their 2nd ep on Warthog, Disterror's Catharsis cd released by Akrasia, Drip's st tape, Actual Hell by CØNDITIØN on Iron Lung and  Satyagraha lp by Sweden's  偏執症者 (Paranoid) on via D-takt & Råpunk and Konton Crasher (tapes by Sub//Par and Lockyard), No bad at all but why only six? make it 10 0r 20 so there will be more noize there! All of these releases are in bandcamp or youtube for you.

CVLT Nation’s Top Six D-BEAT Releases of 2015

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