Terania-Demo 2015

I want to apologise to the band (and all bands that i haven't posted their work yet, this blog is almost dead and rarely there will be updates), anyway Terania is a noizy quartet and hails from Adelaide, Australia, they are a new raw punk band they have already shared the stage with Mob47(!) and Kromosom and here we have their demo, recorded in December 2014, "Two guitars, two vocals, filthy bass and punk rock drums. We draw on our backgrounds which collectively cover fastcore, powerviolence, grind, black metal, crust and anarcho-punk, but then boil it down to it's raw punk roots" The demo was "recorded at the Animal House through a live desk into a laptop and mastered in under twenty-four hours by Stuart Rose, the songs on the demo are about bike locks, fracking, the commercialisation of education, and welfare reform (in that order). We also sing about marsupial moles, coffee, coming a croppa, pirates, sleeping rough and a pile of other things, we even have a power violence song about kittens." The demo consists of four tracks of distorted and filthy raw punk, This is available in bandcampalong with lyrics. Apart from this demo, Terania appear Noise from Hell Vol 17 and Mania For Conquest Vol 1 digital compilations
Check them also in Tumblr and ReverbNation


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