Brain Corruption-, Artifacts Of Humaniy

Brain Corruption is a Grindcore band located in Bremen area, northern Germany. they started back in 2009 and they have shared the stage with bands such as Cyness, Yacöpsae, and many others. Artifacts Of Humanity ep was released in 2013 by Solvent Abuse Records and it was recently re-released on tape by the Indonesian label Playloud Records. Music wise it delivers ten tracks incl. a Ulcerrhoea cover and a shitload of grindcore noise with some crust elements, this is brutal, shredding and chaotic grind with a crust flavor and monstrous guttural/strained vocals, Brain Corruption is a duet and totally into DIY ethic and attitude, Artifacts Of Humanity is available in bandcamp by the band and Solvent Abuse as well.


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