Warona-2014/2015 ep

"We're Warona. It means Ворона or Crow. We're left-winged dark-hardcore from deep town in the center of Russia. We just uploaded our EP! But we don't know what to do with it. So we're looking for the label or another band for split to release our stuff! Now we have no tours at all and have no physical things to share our music with people. stuff was being recorded from the beginning of the 2014th till the end of the year". This is neocrust/dark hardcore from Saransk and 2014/2015 ep is their second release after their demo cassette from 2013, it consists of five tracks that last over twenty minutes and delivers pessimistic, melodic crust with screamed vocals (in Russian), acoustic parts, tempo changes from fast parts to emotional slower breaks. For fans of Alpinist, Madame Germen and such bands, this is available in bandcamp


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