LifeLock-Who'll make noise not music ?!!

LifeLock hail from Singapore and deliver noize not music: Don't know much about them ,apart from Who'll make noise not music ?!! they have the fresh new And For What?  which came out recently on tape and 7" format. Named after Doom's classic and having a title like this and a studded jacket on cover  make clear what we got here: Another Discharge clone delivers the noise we love,
"Noise and DISCHARGE influence in the vein of NO FUCKER. Their name is a DOOM reference, FYI. Same vocal devastation similar to ABSURD SYSTEM with wailing Scandi guitars held down by superbly done D-Beat. I picked this up to review specifically based on the fact that the cover is a studded jacket with DISASTER written on the back and I'm glad I did. Full Force Hardcore Destruction put this out" - Amelia - MRR #345" said enough, don't miss And For What?, its a killer release.

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