This is the second recording by the PDX crusties Dödläge, after their debut ep about a year ago . The new recording popped up in bandcamp and is titled as 7", there is no information in their farcebook about it, only " You can listen to it on bandcamp soon (in a few days or so) and tapes will come in a little while." so looks like we have the same story as th first ep which popped up in bandcamp and then was releases as cassette,  Anyway  the new recording comes with a crust/d-beat reminding artwork (dead bodies, skulls, bulletbelts and such shit) and the music behind this fits nicely: Raw, brutal and heavy d-beat crust in ten pieces of noise, slightly better than the debut ep. Brutal vocals, aggressive riffs with some distant grind hints, D-beat drumming, Need anything else? this is enough, The sound quality is excellent. All and all this is another great shit of noise, once again this band delivered the goods. Listen it in bandcamp and score a copy when it come out.


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