Trenchgrinder-demo 2015

Trenchgrinder hail from Brooklyn, NY, they formed after the demise of Atakke in late 2010, a long running NY crust/grind institution, and features members of Atakke, Anicon, Mutant Supremacy, Skullshitter, and Hasj.Their discography includes a demo from 2011 and a split with Skullshitter in 2014. Here we got their latest demo, released in 2015, it consists of three tracks and a blending of old school death metal. grindcore and heavy crust, this is heavy and brutal as it mixes the Bolt Thrower influences and some early '90's Swedish death metal hints with fast grindcore outbreaks and crust, There are no fratic blast beats and a million bpm in drum pace but just mid paced and fast parts, brutal vocals and political lyrics and metal driven guitar riffs, the whole demo runs over ten minutes. All and all this a great piece of brutal grindcore and death metal driven crust or crust influenced death metal, chooce the term you want, This is available in bandcamp along with lyrics.

there and there

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