Doomed Again-Decay tape 2015

First post of the year is a D-beat blast: Decay is the third release by Doomed Again from Thessaloniki, Greece, i have posted their Democracy R.I.P. cd and split 7 with Παροξυσμός so there is no need for introduction, Decay comes as cassette and consists of seven tracks of pure D-beat worship of '80's, the previous releases were a blending of D-beat with hints of metal in guitar sound and Napalm Death's Barney sound-alike vocals but here they dive back into the 80's and deliver pure D-beat.The last song has this thrashy riff and faster drum pace, is this a sign of what  we should expect in the future? Decay will come out in February by Clean Head Productions in only 50 copies and is already available in bandcamp


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