Bakounine from Bretagne, France, is familiar to this blog since i have posted almost all of their releases, (check here) here we got four tracks of their noisy, distorted and raw D-beat, not different to their previous works. These songs will appear in an upcoming six band benefit compilation lp supporting prisoners. Nice! i knew these guys are politically aware, the photo is not the cover of this comp.


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Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Crust-Demos is back on track. Man, it's good to see a lot of new posts in here. Stay strong to continue this awesome blog. Can't wait to find new bands or new music from well knowned groups.
So here's a tip for you, check out the amazing german band EKRANOPLAN. These guy plays an awesome mix between D-beats, swedish Deathmetal, Sludge, Grindcore and some hints of Blackmetal (especially the vocals). This band includes the drummer of the nautic funeral doomsters AHAB & a former guitarist of the defunct PV-D-beaters HVNGRY LVNGS. This band would be perfect fit in here.
www.facebook. com/ekranoplanband