VidaGuerilla is one man project from Spain,Gaspar the guy who's behind this was in several bands and this is his latest project after a couple other efforts (Product0, Muerte al Mundo). VidaGuerilla is haed to define in what genre belongs, there are  doom, drone, punk of all sorts, some kraut, some psychedelia, some black metal elements all the time while as main influences are Motorhead, Darkthrone, first era Nirvana and Eskorbuto (spanish 80's punk icons), apart from this, there is an overporduction of releases uploaded in bandcamp. give it a listening in you like the genres melting pot



aStroStrich said...

Hey! lotta thanx for the review. My current album is
based loosely on road movies, esoteric japanese psico-punks and On the road by Kerouac, cheers!

7inchcrust said...

Hola! and apologies for the long delay to response, i just restarted updating the blog