Theist-st tape 2014

Theist come from Bandug, Indonesia, they formed in 2011 and include members of Crust Collapse, Rabies, Billfold and Restrain. The s/t cassette was released by Sonic Funeral Records and delivers over 17 minutes of heavy, emotional and mournful neo-crust (i don't like the term but the band uses it), blending crust and D-beat with metal guitar work, sludge and Doom metal heaviness, beat tempo changes from fast blasts to midpaced passages and emotional slow parts and desperately screaming vocals, mixing Tragedy, Amebix, Alpinst, Mastodon and even the doom of Candlemass. The sound quality is decent. If you are into heavy emotional neo-crust check it, this is available in bandcamp and its the best band in melodic crust/neo-crust, call it whatever you want, i have heard coming from this territory of world since Abysmal Fornikate's demo.


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