Na-Die-Crias del consumismo

Na-Die is one man band from Chile and Crias del consumismo is the first release, the guy behind ths project has as main influences Discharge, Doom,Agathocles, Misa Histerica, Los Crudos, Desobediencia Civil , Anti Cimex and Kaaos so its very obvious what to expect here: Raw and distorted D-beat, shouted vocals in Spanish dealing with the usual topics and its unbelievable that there are 30 songs here (yes, 30) including several covers (Doom, Napalm Death, Misa Histerica etc) and i say unbelievable because its one man band and all work has been done by this guy, this is enough to say congruts! Sound quality is raw and primitive. Download link is provided by the band and the file includes arwork and lyrics. i don't need to say anything, best wishes for more releases!



Toxik Boys said...

Luis, the guy behind this band, he used to play in Misa Histerica, and before that, he used to play un Victimas. I like his work, specially MH and his old fanzine "La Sentencia".
To be honest nowadays I'm not following his projects, we got in touch time ago... a great guy.
I'd highlight influences of chicano hardcore, when I hear this stuff I hear something between Outraged, Huasipungo, Kontraattaque, with a touch of Justin Bieber, specially in the voice.

Anonymous said...

es una verdadera joya!!