Nuclear Altar-rehearsal

ok, here we are. i got some releases sent by the bands waiting to post but i don't know if i manage to do it soon, i ll try my best and see what will happen, no much free time, no mood and no shit at all. Anyway here go go again: Croatian D-beaters Nuclear Altar entered the studio for some rehearsal, we first met them in the nine track Blessed Ruins, this recording was a really nice surprise to me and later these tracks appeared in the Nuclear Altar/Hellback split tape on Mentalna Smrt 'zine. Here we got them in a rehearsal sometime in April '14, they practice on three new tracks titled Slavonian Funeral, Ghostblood Rituals and Reaper's Cross. The first two tracks seem to bring down the pace while the last one is a typical D-beat crusher, hope to see these in a new release soon along with more songs.


Spatt Pattern said...

Hey if your looking for any new crust demos heres my bands new demo from Victoria B.C. Canada

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I like this blog for a long time. You've done a very good job! So now I can't wait for the next post. Greetings from Germoney. :-D

Anonymous said...

New band, new music. D-beat driven SludgeGrind or grinding D-BeatSludge. Check it out @
Feel free to download the whole demo for free. Cheers from Jena/Germany.

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kktz said...


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