Crotchmutt-V Series demo

Crotchmutt (whats the meaning of this?) come from Toronto, Canada, they are a new band who formed sometime in 2013, V Series is a five song demo recorded a few months ago, the bandcamp link appears on their farcebook wall as four track  album in December '13 and later six as track album while currently it consists of five tracks. Anyway V-Series delivers rough old school primitive D-beat coming straight from the eighties and influenced by the usual suspects: Discharge, Anti Cimex, Varukers, Doom etc especially from Anti Cimex since they sound like early Anti Cimex and they also cover two classic tracks, Progeria Power and Warmachine. The sound is raw and rough but listenable, there are rough vocals and fast yet steady pace for the drumming, the Anti Cimex tracks are decently butchered with Warmachine being my favorite track of demo. Not any reinvention of wheel, just pure rough D-beat and '80's worship. I don't know if this comes out as cdr or tape, it is available on bandcamp for your listening ear tortment. Apart from V Series they have a live recording with Discharge covers, available on bandcamp too, there. There is a video from their appearence in Springbash in 2013 among other bands such as Silent Order, Lost Youth and others, check it here. No more ranting go get it.


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