Wagars-Sidrabenes lāsts

Latvian black metallers/crust punks Wagars strike again with Sidrabenes lāsts, their fresh new release after the eponymous cd,(posted here) which was awarded as the Best Debut of 2013 at Latvia’s Metal Music Awards (an annual event which took place earlier this year in Riga at “Melnā Piektdiena” club.). This thing sounds strange for a crust related band but wtf here is Sidrabenes lāsts: The title  refers to one of the pre Christian castles destroyed by crusaders twice in the territory of today’s Latvia. The recording is currently available on bandcamp and there is no any release in physical copies. The release consists of ten tracks and this time there is translation of lyrics in English. Music wise they seem to made a step closer to metal area and this is obvious in most of songs but they kept the crust flavor and the D-beat driven force that appears in a nice way in tracks such as Zem Sventes, Dārd debesu pamale and Nemiera ugunsputns while in Bezgalīgā ātrumā they sound like covering an Altare demo song. The vocalist is completely in the black metal territory and the lyrics deal with ecological issues, admiring nature power, downshifting movement (as they said in their post in Anarcho-Punk Net. All and all this is a nice follow up to their first cd, maybe less primitive and rough since they worked on sound quality and added some melody in some songs. I preffer the D-beat driven songs and  Bezgalīgā ātrumā which tends to be my fav. from this release. As i said this is on bandcamp. wish 'em to release it as cd soon.


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