Silent Order-Demo tape 2014

Raw D-beat noise: This is a hell of distorted noise coming from Canada, Silent Order is a quartet from Ottawa, they were formed a few years ago and their first recording was Survived the Darkness ep, released in 2012, last fall they toured in US West coast. Here is their secornd release which comes a cassette and consists of eleven minutes and six songs of noisy and distorted D-beat RawPunk: The six tracks of tape were recorded in February 2014 and once again i have to mention the usual suspects as influences: Disclose, Zyanose Warvictims, Electric Funeral, Besthoven, Kromosom, etc etc The guitar and bass deliver endless feedback of rough noise full of reverb and distortion and drums keep bringing  D-beat beats all the time while the singer screams his lungs out. No room for melody here, just fast and sometime slower/midpaced D-beat noize inferno, this is raw and primitive raw punk at its finest, for fans of afforementioned bands. Their first release, Survived the Darkness was in the same vein of noise maybe a little more raw, both relases are available for free on bandcamp, the demo is also available in physical copies so you can order/trade the tape by contacting the band. I ranted so much, go listen it and score a copy.


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