Human Host Body-4 track demo tape (2014)

Human Host Body come from Istria, Slovenia, they a quartet and this is their debut demo tape, released by Štrigon Records, a Panda Banda sub-label, Panda Banda is "a collective that spend their free time setinng up gigs and releasing records. We believe in D.I.Y ethics, anarchism, anarcho feminism, animal/earth/human liberation, anti-civilization" and is run by Luka who's also member of Human Host Body. The demo tape consists of fourtheen minutes of D-beat driven metal influneced crust with rough vocals, some death/black metal riffs pop up and give a brutal metal feeling while the drums keep the band in crust areas with d-beat drumming but from time to time they walk in pure black metal territories, lyric wise they deal with anarho-primitivism, anti-civilization and anarchy, most of the ideas comes form authors like John Zerzan, Daniel Quinn, Pierre Clastres, Fredy Perlman. Thats cool! they seem to be educated people and that really great. Wish only they had the lyrics in bandcamp. 55 orange copies are made and you can purchase it from Štrigon Records, a label that releases only cassettes. Overall this is a piece of brutal and raw shit,black metal influenced crust that sometimes turns into crusty black metal. Apart from this demo, Human Host Body released another tape in 2011, a split with Devastated and a two track ep back in 2009,check all here.


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