Haltlose-Questionable Fatherland

Here is something really interesting: Haltlose is a five piece crust band who come from Kotka, Finland and Questionable Fatherland is their first demo, currently available in digital format on bandcamp and soon as cassette. "Haltlose is brand new metallic hardcore/crust band from Finland. It started as an vision of a two friends who listened a lot of swedish and finnish crust/d-beat bands like Wolfbrigade, Disfear, Martyrdöd and Unkind, to name a few. So they started to work on songs with influences from the bands mentioned before, but with a little spices from world of metal music. They founded suitable guys to form the band and recorded this demo Questionable Fatherland, wich will be released as an casette tape in the future. The lyrical consept of the song are mainly focused on the absurd forms of human behaviour and thinking.".  Questionable Fatherland delivers six tracks and its a great piece of metallic crust reminding of Wolfbrigade, From Ashes Rise, Tragedy and such melodic crust bands, the rhythm guitar has this heavy sound and is blended nicely with the leading guitar parts and boosted by the bass and the D-beat driven drums.Overall this is a great debut demo, these guys captured the appropriate percentage of melody, heaviness and aggression and blend all together, they don't reinvent the wheel but they are really great in what they do. Questionable Fatherland is currently available on bandcamp (along with the lyrics) and is going to come out as cassette.


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