Dopecopper-Sadistic Intent tape

Dopecopper come from Baltimore, United States and Sadistic Intent is their debute tape, released by Grimoire Records. Dopecopper is a new band, apart from Sadistic Intent they released Pig's Blood demo in 2013. This is the tape version of Sadistic Intent, it  comes in dark blue shells, cobalt tape, clear norelco cases with double-sided j-card, shrinkwrap, limited to only 200 copies and is coming out in a few days. The band marks this as seven inch vinyl and is going to come out next spring or so. Anyway, Noel from Grimoire did the recording and mixing here and did it well, the cassette consists of six tracks and nearly sixteen minutes of of a blending of hardcore and crust, there are melodic lines and guitar riffs reminiscent what we all know from Tragedy, From Ashes Rise etc and some hints of neo-crust mournful lines (check Sleeping Leeches), shouted vocals and the expected D-beat drum beating. There are no weak songs here, all tracks stand in the same level, the breaks that pop up here and there and some leading parts add some more variety make the whole shit more interesting. Really nice work. Grimoire Records is a hybrid label, based in Baltimore, run by two guys and what makes them unique is they do the whole work: They engineer, mix, master, design and whatelse come up all of their releases and unlike the majority of record labels they do not release previously recorded material. check them in bandcamp and farcebook. Sadistic Intent is available in bandcamp in band's and Grimoire's page where you can pre-order a copy. Thanx to Noel for sending this and my apologies for the delay, best wishes!

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