Negative Standards/Whitehorse-split 12"

First off i need to apologise to Will from Negative Standards for this long delay to post this, (and no,i never received a mail with your demo) but it is better late than later, hahaha anyway here we have a heavy as hell record with Oakland's Negative Standards and Aussie doomsters Whitehorse. The record was released by the German label Vendetta on vinyl in autumn 2013. Negative Standards deliver two songs and a hellish blending of crust, hardcore and doom/sludge, all delivered in darkness and heaviness heavinly influenced by His Hero Is Gone, Nux Vomica, Isis, From Monuments To Masses and such bands, the blending of such genres and the use of sound samples create a haunting and apocalyptic sonic landscape. This is dark and gloomy with fast crusty and black metal parts parts, creepy acoustic breaks, shouted/yelled crusty vocals and pessimistic lyrics. The second songs lasts "only" 2:17" and its an outbreak after the infernal journey of first track. Helbourne's Whitehorse are active since mid '00's, they have splits with Hot Graves, Cross, and Batillus under their belt and here they receive the baton from Negative Standards and move the dakrness to their own frondiers: Heavy as hell, sinister and brutal sludge/doom in the vein of Corrupted and Batillus in one lenghty track that last nearly thirteen minutes and is bold enough to drown you  into despair. Both bands offer their songs in bandcamp for free (along with their previous releases). No more rant, go and listen it. If you want a physical copy, this is still available from Vendetta.

Negative Standards side
Whitehorse side

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