Gaze-Demo tape 2013

This is female fronted noise punk: Gaze is a quartet from Dublin, Ireland and this is their demo tape, recorded in October 2013 and released by Dogs and Vultures a Dublin based, DIY punk distro. Gaze seem to be a fresh new band, never heard about them before and this cassette is their first relase. Anyway their demo comes on pro-printed green tapes, it was recorded in Octomber 2013 at Hellcrust Road House, Sandyford and delivers seven songs of  raw noise punk full of distortion and energy. The girl who sings reminds a combination of Saira (of Detestation, Resolve, Faggot and others) and Janick from After the Bombs, or for better description i could say she sounds simillar to the vocalist of Canadian's Life Chain (i ll post their demo soon), as she screams in reverb and echoes and takes the chaos one step beyond. Guitar sound is rough and distorted and has a punky feeling helped by the fast yet steady pace of drumming which avoids frantic ways of hyperspeed, of course there is D-beat driven  force in rhythm section and bass is full of distortion too. This is extreme and chaotic, raw and angry. The cover artwork may look strange at first look without the usual black n white raw dis artwork but when it unfolds  you will see the eyes of a human face, (check it here), really nice and interesting. The cassete is still available via Dogs and Vultures, (dogsandvulturesdistro(at)gmail(dot)com) or Distroy and probably elsewhere. This is also on bandcamp. Ghandi, thanx for the links, cheers and best wishes!



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^ Links for the band and distro page. Thanks for the write up.

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thanx for the links, cheers!