I.D.N.S..-Indoctrinations demo (2012) & 2013 Tour tape

I.D.N.S. stands for I Don't Need Society and its a crust band from Ontario, Canada, they formed in 2011 and so far they recorded two demos, Indoctrinations from 2012 and 2013 tour tape and their next release will be the Industrial Death Noise Solution  7 inch, some songs are uploaded in their blog and in bandcamp. Indoctrinations came out in 2012 and comes on tape format with red paper sleeves, folded and glued by the band and include the lyrics, it consists of six tracks of heavy crust with throatty brutal vocals spitting political lyrics, fast drum beat, thick guitar and heavy pounding bass, this is brutal and aggressive, much better than i expected. The songs are connected with samples about political issues. Nice idea. This is an excellent piece of crust for 11:29, even Maximum RnR had a cool review of it, here. The 2nd  limited edition tour tape came out for their East Coast tour in May '13 and brings nearly thirteen minutes of the same stuff, maybe a litle rawer recording there is yet power and heaviness and the same brutal vocals to bring. Sound samples exist here too. Athabasca and Without warning tracks will appear in ther 7" ep. The tape ends with one live song. All and all this is an excellent piece of crust and delivers the goods. Hope they will release their vinyl soon. My apologies to the band for the delay to post their work.

2013 Tour Tape

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