Estereotipo Degollao-$hile, the best student of Capitalism

Estereotipo Degollao send their greets from Chile, we met them in Songs to Self-Extermination ep which was posted some months ago, "we are a band from Chile who performs accelerated crustpunk rebellious lyrics and libertarian,we took a couple of years playing always focused on delivering a message in our lyrics. Music is our way of fighting and tried to carry the consequence in all aspects of our life". $hile, the best student of Capitalism is their second work and delivers four songs plus a bonus track taken from their upcoming  split ep and as they say "$ hile = offends the name of our country (Chile) starting the word with the sign dollar, linking it to the damn capitalism"
Download link is provided by the band and includes artwork, apologies for the delay to post it,cheers!.


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