Disease/MobAttack​-​The Slaughter House split ep

Here we have a split with Disease from Macedonia (FYROM) and MobAttack from United States. We have met Disease when i posted their previous releases, here, MobAttack is a crust band from  Riverside and Corona California and this is their fofficial release, they also have a seven track demo titled Disfuckingdemo  and some recorded songs that never appeared as official demo. Disease deliver five songs of the dis raw d-beat noise we know from their earlier stuff,paying homage to Disclose and once again they deliver the goods, MobAttack contribute five tracks and heavy d-beat crust and since we never met them before i want to say that they are a great band and kicks ass,before i listen the split i thought "Disease is gonna be the best band here", after listening it i said "both bands are great here",  there is nothing to complain with their stuff and i want to hear more by them, i hope they will post Disfuckingdemo soon. Disease posted their side in bandcamp, there is a youtube vid and a download link of split provided by the bands

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