Moribund Scum-Redneck Execution demo tape 2013

Moribund Scum hail from  Braunschweig, Germany, two years ago i posted their Live @ Nexus demo which was their first recorded material, here we got Redneck Execution demo tape released on March 17th 2013. Moribund Scum is a crust band heavily influenced by thrash metal or in other words a metal crust band that can easily be placed in both territories, metal and crust punk: Redneck Execution consists of seven songs   recorded in October 2012 and each one delivers the right dose of metal and crust in it: Thrash metal/old school death metal driven guitar riffs with some nice leading parts, rough vocals and socio/political lyrics, fast and steady drum beat with some slower mid paced parts that lead to emotional passages. Sound quality is decent and stands among metal perfection and punk rawness and delivers the power of technical metal parts without losing part of it in sonic chaos or speed and all instruments are placed nicely in sound map. I can't say it sounds like this or that but some early Slayer hints appear here, some old school death metal echoes there and thrash metal feeling stinks all the time. All songs last over three minutes each and the demo last over 28 minutes. Metal orientated crusties or crust friendly metalheads will like this stuff. Redneck Execution will come out in tape format soon, currently is available for streaming in bandcamp, there is a also a download link provided by the band, for a physical copy contact the band via mail. Thanx R. for sending this. cheers and best wishes!

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