Diskobra-st demo 2013

Same and same story again: Dis-name, Dis letter font logo etc etc.. Another D-beat band, this time is one man band coming from Budapest, Hungary and here's the first recording from February 2013. I don't know anything about Diskobra and according to What We Do Is Not Secret Anymore blog which supports and promotes Hungarian scene "The 'brain' of this record could be familiar for you from the finest Hungarian raw punk band Human Error." Anyway, Diskobra in this recording is one man band  with some help on drums by another guy and will be a full band in the future, the demo consists of seven songs (recorded at Revolver Sound Studio) of raw and angry hardcore and the usual Discharge worship, reminding of the Russian D-beaters 4Scums and (early) Distress (maybe because of the lyrics which are in Hungarian and sound similar to Russian to my ears). The sound quality is excellent, songs are fast and short and lyric wise probably deal with the usual topics, my knowledge on Hungarian language is in zero level so i will  copy/paste this text from What We Do.. blog: Lyrics are "...about the bullshit around you day by day, between gray block of flats on the dark weekdays without any hope to escape. You know, just the basic things" (wot? not any war themed songs here?)
No any information about a physical release, this is available for free downloading in bandcamp and also there is a dnld link provided by the band

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