Thisclose-st tape 2012

Here's some paraphrased Discharge song titles: Two Monstrous Distro Piles, Drunk With Flower Power, In Defence of the Butcher, But After The Rigs. No, its not a joke band that mutilates Discharge songs but Thisclose and their eponymous tape. Thisclose was formed by some noise loving Glasgow punks but unlike thousands of other D-beat bands who are influenced by early Discharge (first ep's, first lp and Why? golden era) Thisclose made an unusual choice that need guts to take it and deliver their Grave New Beat heavily inspired by the not so glorious Grave New World era of Discharge. I am one of those who worship the early Discharge records and never cared for their rest/later/present releases but i have to admit it, Thisclose put some energy and power in this tape and created some really nice songs with  Discharge riffs  from Grave.. era and Sakevi/Cal sound-alike high pitched vocals, even if you are not (and probably you are not) into Grave..era of  Discharge you will find some really interesting songs here. Sound is decent, i liked When There's a Bill, You've Got to Pay, It is Just a Nightmare, Drunk With Flower Power, Tear Up The Hedge and March or Die (these happen to be fast and somehow closer to older Discharge legacy), though there are nice moment in the rest tracks.
The tape consists of nine songs and eighteen minutes of  music, it came out in 100 pro-print copies and is available for streaming and downloading in Thisclose's bandcamp. All and all this has some nice songs and is for all Grave New World haters.


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