Disease-On the Battlefield (2012) & Another Nuclear Age (2013)

A Dis name, a Discharge font logo, war themes on the covers, war related song titles... you got the message, ok? Disease come from Skopje the capital city of Macedonia (FYROM) and here we have two releases by them, and so far this is their discography, they say it all in their blog:  "Starting as a 'one man band' then evolving in three man piece,Disease is making the noise,deep under the earth,in the sinked,full with water from the winter and rain,basements....Heavy influenced by  Disclose, Besthoven, Framtid, Pisschrist, Dispose, Shitlickers, after few months of working in November 2012 Disease first EP-'...On the Battlefield...' came out .At the moment working on the split with Dishumanity from Serbia "
On the battlefield came out on cd format and brings three D-beat anthems, Another Nuclear Age delivers four songs including Once The War Started by Disclose and is going to come out on cd too, both releases are available for streaming and free downloading in bandcamp. Future plans include split releases with Dishumanity (Serbia) and Dischaos (Brasil)
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On The Battlefield
Another Nuclear Age

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