Propast/Hellback/No Name/Nuclear Altar-4 way split tape

I got this tape from the cool guy who runs Crucified Freedom webzine, its a split tape with some bands from Požega scene (Croatia), all unknown to me so i will blatantly copy and paste his writting...:
This 4-way split tape was released by Mentalna Smrt fanzine and Crni Flomaster iniciative in only 66 copies and was going for free with 2nd number of Mentalna Smrt zine #2, those 66 pieces has gone long time ago, so here it is now in mp3 format for everyone who failed to get it..
four bands are represented here with their live recordings from the gig that was held at cafe bar Evergreen in Požega, Croatia on December 22th, 2011 which was the last concert in this space, all bands are from Požega..
First we have Propast, one of the latest dis-crust bands from that town, this was, like their 2nd gig or something.. 10 songs including cover of Black Flag's Wasted in something less then 14 min, so you can get some picture what it is about here..Next are No Name, only melodic band playing that night, but don't let that this „melodic“ tricks you.. even if they can be labeled as a punk rock band they sound great live..Then we have Hellback, already veterans on Croatian punk scene playing hardcore with elements of punk and metal.. in their set are included covers of Distress and Disčerge (legendary song Pank Pankerima which is here like some punk hymn)..Last band on the tape is Nuclear Altar, also new band, that was actualy their 1st live performance.. great crust delivered by them, like mixture of early Doom and Discharge but with a lot of that Požega's spirit., perfect..
 This is it, many Thanx to V for this, cheers and take care. Check Wasted Potentials blog for more information about  Požega scene (thanx kktz!)



kktz said...

hi mate, here's kktz from pozega. thanx for support. to everyone who likes this and all our old friends everywhere, see Wasted Potentials - http://wastedpotentials.blogspot.com/ for more info on pozega undeground, also our friends on Crucified Freedom are having lot's of our older bands as Senseless, Bad Justice, Fight Back for download, etc... Dislike and Nonsense are still playing. here you can find Propast - http://propast-pozega.blogspot.com/ and Nuclear Altar - http://nuclearaltar.blogspot.com/ , you can find old Hellback and No Name demos on Wasted Potentials. Hellback and Nuclear Altar are just recording new albums at Studio Depth which is also our rehearsal place. ok, thanx again and all the best in this harsh times.

7inchcrust said...

thanx for the comment and the additional information, i added Wasted Potentials in blog list,cheers ans take care

kktz said...

great, i will add crust demos to wasted potentials. corpus delicti blog (that you added before) is no more, sorry, most links died and i have no time for it anymore, also old 80's ex yu hc/punk stuff now can be found on other places, too. if you or everyone else finds something interesting on wasted potentials feel free to spread it, thanx.

7inchcrust said...

thanks!i remember corpus delicti blog, you posted some nice and obscure bands there,and nice ranting there as well. its sad to see some old blogs come to the end.....

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