Earth Crust Displacement-Demo 2012

Time for some raw dis noise: Earth Crust Displacement is a female fronted band from Berlin, Germany and this is their first demo which was released in September 2012. The band includes Toda who's also in Peacebastard and runs Rrawmantic Disasters Records a label that expertises in Dis and raw D-beat bands.
Earth Crust Displacement's demo comes in tape format and if you want a copy just contact with the band, it consists of twelve songs (including a Dismachine cover) and delivers fifteen minutes of raw noise in the vein of  Disclose, Zyanose, D-Clone, Go Filth Go, Morpheme, Leprosy, Electric Funeral and the likes. This is pure dis noise shit. The demo is available for free in ECD's bandcamp in one lengthy file of 15 minutes long. I don't need to rant anymore, you have already understood what is about


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