Downward Spiral-st (2012)

 " Downward Spiral were created at the start of 2012. They consist of ex-members of Cypriot DIY bands Entos ton Teihon (Within the Walls) and Aposynthesis. We play hardcore-crust music and continue to insist in the DIY philosophy and way of doing things."
I have posted Within The Walls and En Psychro (a side project  of Within The Walls members) and Downward Spiral is a blending of these two bands: Heavy crust with fast and steady pace and rough vocals. Sound is decent, there are seven songs here and over of fifteen minutes of noise, lyrics are in Greek but in bandcamp you will find the translation in English.
 Aposynthesis were active back in mid 90's they contributed Thanatophobia in Slave to Convention -  Doom Tribute and Greek HC Punk Vol 3 tape compilation,  not any official release by them but some demo and live recordings. As i said before, Downward Spiral upload this in bandcamp and offer it for free.


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