Brut-st (2011)

Brut hail from  Montreal, Canada, they are a Hardcore/Crust/Sludge band and include people who were in Sludge freaks Vandamn. This is their first release which delivers twelve songs and and 32 minutes of a blasting blending of hardcore crust and sludge metal: Ear tormenting sludge riffs meet hardcore shouted vocals,  hard pounding mid-paced and fast yet steady drum beats, metal heaviness and some crust  that appear here and there complete this mixture. Most songs are short, only a few last over three or four minutes, sound quality is perfect  and delivers the heaviness of the band. This is a sonic blast loud enough to make your ears bleed, a solid and excellent for the genre release. Brut offer their work for free in their bandcamp page along with the lyrics.
Many thanx to Brut who sent this, cheers!


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