Alea Iacta Est-Demo CDr & split 7" w RAS

My apologies to Attila for forgetting to post this. Alea Iacta Est (the die has been cast) come from Galanta, Slovakia and deliver brutal grindcore, they are active since 2009 and they have a bunch of releases under their belt: a Demo CDr (2009) ,  the Splitted alive, split live cd with Jack (Sekáč Records) and the split 7" with Ras (2012, (Sekáč ) from Spain and several appearances in compilations (check here)
Here we go the demo from 2009 and band's side from the split with Ras. The demo was self-released and delivers twelve songs (including a Rot cover) and fourteen minutes of brutal grinding noise with a few hardcore and crust elements popping up from time to time, this is a short of  D.I.Y. homerecording since it was recorded in vocalist's house. Songs are fast, short, sound quality is great and lyricwise deliver sociopolitical topics.Alea Iacta Est's side from 7" split continues the same brutal way as the cdr and maybe more brutal and aggressive: Fast, brutal blastbeating ear tormenting noise ,it consists of five tracks and each hardly makes it over one minute, sound quality is in high level and one step better than the cdr
There is an interesting interview in Campaign for the Musical Destruction, you can read it here,

st demo cdr
Alea Iacta Est / RAS split 7"

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