Terror Cült-Subliminal Power demo tape 2012

"We are Terror Cult, a a four piece band from Southern California. We describe our sound as Bastard Crust because we don't exactly sound like the typical Crust band. We recorded our newest EP on a cassette recorder. ". This is the mail i received some months ago from the crust quartet  of  Terror Cult, Subliminal Power is their first demo and it comes in tape format and for the music i shall coin Roman from the mighty Terminal Sound Nuisance:"anything remotely noisy can be tagged as such these days"
The tape starts with a sampler, probably taken by  movie or something like that and it opens the door to occult territory, unusual for a crust band huh? anyway, then starts the crust noise and noise its what comes out of the speakers and leaves no room for an object eye (or ear), if it was chaotic crustcore then it would be ok (Ebola's demo is taperecorded but this raw and filthy sound fits to what they play) but for TC's crust a better sound is needed. On the other hand, band's playing reveals their skills since they seem to know what they do and what they want to deliver. There are nine songs (plus the intro) including Doom's Slave to Convention cover, only a few times they move in mid pace (Erosion of Man) but most of the time they speed on and run fast. With better sound quality this would be a nice tape, i hope their next work will come with better sound


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