Trophies of Death-Back to Dictatorshit cd 2011

Political charged brutal mincecore-grindcore here: Trophies of Death come from Koenigsberg, Kaliningrad, Russia and Back to Dictatorshit  is their seven song demo limited to only 100 copies and it was released in 2011 on cd format. I don't know much about them, the only shit i know is that their discography includes Back to Dictatorshit, the four way split cd with Mental Disorder (Chile), Corrupt Humanity (UK) and Obliteracao (Brazil) and an upcoming split with Marcellus Wallace. Back to Dictatorshit  brings  10 and a half minutes of mincecore noise brutality and politically  themed old school grindcore in the vein of mincecore masters Agathocles and their sons Archagathus with songs titles such as  Burned Kremlin, Bombs Of Democrappy, To Hate A State, ACAB etc. the political messages behind the grunts (anti-state, anti-fascist, anti-religion etc) can be found with all details in the lyric sheet that is included. There are beat changes with the usual breaks that lead from slow and tormenting parts to fast blasting outbreaks, distorted guitars and grunting vocals and hints of crust (Trophies of Death tag their band as Crust/Grindcore but of course they move rather in grindcore than crust fields).
You can contact them in Farcebook, myshit or Lastfm or mail at noise-grinder (at) inbox (dot) ru for a copy for a pleasant ear bleeding sonic torment. Download link is provided by the band (thanx!)


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