Raw War-st cd 2012

This is a blending of raw punk/d-beat/uk82-worship with strong political messages from Victoria Canada: Raw War started in 2009 as Glue Bag Chaos, in 2011 they self-released Population Control 7”  and this is their first full length release which comes on cd format and delivers twelve songs. There is a  interview in Moral Panic webzine blog so you can have an idea about them. Anyway, the s/t cd brings a blending of hardcore storm (Anti Cimex, Discharge ect) with the chaotic feeling of noisy D-raw punk, the power of UK’ 82 Punk (G.B.H.) and the political messages of anarchopunk bands. The singer delivers angry vocals reminding of Per of Filthy Christians and there are many lyric lines sung here instead the usual one line slogan-like short rhymes of D-beat bands (you can read the lyrics in the bandcamp). The sound quality is decent and delivers the goods. Great stuff that i liked more than i expected! Well done and i wait for more by them. There is this great video on Youtube and I think it reflects and visualizes the Raw War music, lyrics and attitude.

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