Post War Depression-st CDr 2010

 Post War Depression come from Karlsruhe, Germany, they started in autumn 2005 as a 3-piece d-beat project and this is their nine track cd-r available for free in soundcloud. PWD include people involved with many bands (Kaos Möngers, I am John Spartan, Tresckow,For Jar Brain/Refleshed, Chaos is..., Ende Oktober, Lost World, the Bone Idles, Ea Schlächta,)  and they are inspired by a variety of artists starting from Slayer, Venom, Mayhem, Minor Threat, Black Sabbath, the Scorpions, Kiss, and the Cure (what?). Their discography includes also the split with Hellborn Messiah co-released by many labels
More details in their myspace, Music wise, PWD bring some crust shit with metallic riffs and blended with hardcore and angry screaming male/female dual vocal attack. That's the best description i can give, some sites say "play anarcho-punk with female/male vocals" while others say about "down-tuned crust", so go on and listen and find what it is.


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