Minority Xpose-West (tape,2010)

Minority Xpose is a quartet from Japan and West is their tape released in 2010 by Vox Populi.. I don't know anything about them, not any info on the web and when it pops up in sites like this still not any information so say some shit if you know anything about them.West brings nine songs and thirteen minutes of raw and furious 80's Scandinavian hardcore: Raging punk/hardcore with raw and primitive sound, thrashing guitar, echoed vocals singing in English and Japanese, fast beat with only a few mid tempo parts, D-beat drumming bashing all the time (one song is titled Discharge) and as i said in the previous post, this seems to come straight out of a studio recording made in the early 80's: Raw, aggressive, furious and noisy old school hardcore.
There is the Okayama City hc compilation with  Death Dust Extractor, Disturd and many others and also a band name Minority Xpose, its probably the same band. Anyway no more ranting, go get it.


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