Desidia-Demo tracks 2012

This is Desidia from Buenos Ayres, Argentina, we first met them when i  posted their demo back in 2009, here we got  two fresh new tracks recorded in 2012 that deliver their heavy and emotional sludge/doom in the vein of Graves at Sea, Corrupted, Neurosis etc. Both tracks are lengthy (total running time over sixteen minutes), Lϊgubre is slow and heavy as unbearable heartache and has some fast parts here  and there and so does Agorafobia / Tumba De Cemento when the slow doomy part is followed by a fast crust outbreak. Good...good.... Sound quality is excellent, vocals are deep low growls and deliver the despair. Grab it and feel the morbid dead end surrounding you, link is provided by the band (R, Gracias and cheers!)


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