Disräpe-Dis Nightmare Continues (tape,2010)

Disräpe come from Kitchener, Canada, Dis Nightmare Continues is their tape ep which consists of seven tracks and lasts nearly thirteen minutes,Wolfpack, Disclose, Anti-Cimex, Discharge, Midnight, Broken Bones, Inepsy, Motorhead,all are there. i don't have to say anything else, the name of band and the title of tape ep say it all so let them speak:"It all began on a frozen, darkened day of winter hell. A sky of ominous clouds blotted out the winter sun, unleashing a fury of hail and an onslaught of snow. The winter storm left a trail of frozen death in its path, merciless for those left exposed to its surreal, nightmarish conditions. The streets were devastated and quickly transformed into a frost ridden wasteland that few chose to endure.On this dark day, five came together, grim and frost bitten, to produce a skull crushing noise assault. Influenced by the careless destruction of the world, unaccountable human rights violations, the international d-beat/metal-punk scenes, and the darkness the present and future holds, DISRÄPE began their onslaught of raw intensity.Dis-nightmare continues…".
Link is provided by the band.


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