Keyser Soze - Cenizas De Mi Historia cd (2011)

I had this cd via mail (thanx to Edson, cheers!) and it was the first time i met these dudes: Keyser Soze come from the town of Toluca, central Mexico and Cenizas De Mi Historia (ashes of my history) is their fresh new release, it was recorded in 2008 but came out only recently because of lack of money. The cd delivers eleven pieces of crust with dual vocals (lyrics in Spanish), fast beat and descent sound quality, sometime they slow down the speed and sound emotional, sometimes they speed on and bring some brutality. This is good. They also have a demo ep and a split with Amagi. if you are trapped in fuckbook you can visit their page and say hello.



mikxxx said...

viva paco ignacio taibo II

7inchcrust said...

to Sombra de la sombra (η σκια της σκιας)to xe mia filada prosfora tin proigoumeni vdomada

mikxxx said...

nai, to pira (gia thn istoria, to eixa diavasei hdh).to san skies epistrefoume einai akoma kalytero kai to "me 4 xeria" gamaei.einai foveros o taibo

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Anonymous said...


Here is a link to download KREVAR (demo 4 trax), french d-beat noise.


Thank you for making share


7inchcrust said...

could you type some information about the band?is there any site? thank you.

Anonymous said...

the demo is released in tape and cd.
They are three, guitar/vox , drummer and bass. there are members of baltring terror and the drummer play in another crust french band who is called SHILBRAU.
It is no real group but a funny side project, there are no lyrics and no contact is indicated on the demo.
Another demo is planned.
sorry for my bad english

7inchcrust said...

thanks! ;)