Assault-Here we are (demo 2009)

Assault come from Indonesia, East Jakarta scene which is known as Ponti/Scream Destroy and Here we are is their four track demo recorded in 2009, the demo was kindly offered by C- who wrote a brief story of band: "Assault actually was just side project of people from Corner End and Bloody Act of Terror and Kelewatxbatas, then because everybody ve been busy with their own activities so it was stucked in a while, then I decide to continue the band with some kids who use to hang around together. so eventually Youdick from Black Tokay/Dead System, Dagol from Ari Anggara/Bajingan Tengix, Ryan and David join in the band, beside playing in the band we are doing Food Not Bombs and Organize some small DIY events. ...."
The demo delivers four tracks of solid metal edged D-Beat crust in fast/mid-paced yet steady beat,there are some emotional parts and breaks here and there that lead to faster tempos, sound quality is excellent and an explanation of lyrics is included. Imagine the D-beat driven Scandinavian crustcore blended with with some Ekkaia and such neo-crust acts. The whole thing lasts for nearly ten minutes. Give it a listening,it delivers the goods. This was recorded in 2009 and unfortunately there is not any myshit-fuckbook-whatever else site so i don't know any other shit about them (other recordings,line up changes or whatever).


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Thanks man, great job. Greetings from Chile