Aspects of War-Total Disfuckers demo 2011

This is blatantly stolen from Terminal Escape blog (yeah too busy and tired lately and its been some time since the last post) and Wizard who gets the credits for this: Aspects of War come from New York Boston, USA and Total Disfuckers is their four track demo recorded in 2011: I can't find any myshit,fuckbook, bandcamp so there is no any info about them, all i know is that they have another tape titled "In Order To Satisfy Their Mania For Conquest Punks Are Squandered ‎". Named after a Disclose record is enough to let you know whats going on here: This is a sonic raw Dis-Armageddon of five minutes in the legacy of almighty Disclose with endless feedback of noise and Kawakami styled vocals,. A must listening for lovers of Raw Dis D-beat.


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Anonymous said...

Aspects of War is from MA/NH, not NY. Just so you know.