Stigma-Nova doza mržnje cd

Stigma come from Zagreb, Croatia, they formed in 2007 and their first effort was "Povratak Bombarderasa" demo, in 2008 they released Apokalipsa promo cd, Nova doza mržnje is their fresh new work and delivers fifteen tracks (and 24 minutes) of rough and heavy crusty flavored hardcore with D-beat parts here and there. Discharge's Fight Back is covered nicely and cd's sound quality is excellent, the singer sings in Croatian and English, dnld folder includes the lyrics.



..crucified freedom.. said...

just a little correction.. those aren't translations of the lyrics on english, just some songs are on croatian and some are on english..

7inchcrust said...

well yes.drunk as always so i did the crap again :) thanks and cheers!